Club Kit

Juniors' Kit

Please do not use the SilverFX site for kit orders, as we now have a new arrangement for junior playing kit.
There is no compulsion to buy new kit (you can continue to use the kit that you already have if you wish), but we do have a smart new outfit that can be ordered via Joy Henson.

Russets Online Shop - club kit for senior teams

We have decided to terminate our arrangement with SilverFX for new playing kit, and we will wait until next season to adopt a new outfit for the new ground.  For this season, please make do with the playing kit that you have.  If you don't have suitable playing kit, there are two alternatives, from which you are free to choose:
(1) borrow a shirt from your team captain - there is very limited supply of these, so we are running a 'shirt amnesty', through which we will reimburse existing players for the return of unused shirts that they might have, which team captains will then hold onto for such circumstances - if using this alternative, get some black shorts and socks from any sports shop;
(2) purchase a new kit through the junior kit scheme referenced above - they do larger sizes too.
Whatever the case, we will be looking to roll out a new kit to ALL senior players next season, so start saving your pennies.